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The Clinic is officially open.


Cooperation Canine is committed to the health and wellness of our clients and their families. Please see our health and wellness policy for more information.

Client Experiences

Are you struggling with your BFF?

"My dog is being aggressive towards other dogs when we are walking. I have tried to make him sit. I know he knows it but he won't and treats don't work."

Dob Sitting

"People are a little afraid to come to my house. My dog barks and jumps on everyone. I am sure he just wants to say hello but guests complain."

Dog Waiting

"We just rescued a dog. Everything was going really well but she has been here for about a month and now she is getting dominant and growling at us for no reason."

We understand.

It doesn't really matter if you are trying to get your dog to walk nicely on a leash or trying to convince her the delivery man is not going to kill anyone. What we are incredibly good at is explaining what elements of behavior are in play and how you need to respond to your dog to resolve the issues.


As a certified behavior consultant, not only can I teach skills like sit, stay and a rocket-like recall - that’s just fun -  I can and love showing people how to create and use a shared language to change behavior. It is a combination of skills and empowerment.

We call it Choice / Response Communication Training. It is easy to eliminate many problem behaviors by giving the dogs a set of skills and letting them decide which to use. Once we reinforce the good choices the problem behaviors fade away.


We use applied animal behavior principles and learning theory to address the needs of the owners and the dogs. Positive reinforcement is a methodology that requires us to be observant and connected to our animals. Dogs that are engaged through the opportunity to earn are truly motivated to offer many behaviors that we then can support and reinforce. We believe in choice. We believe in empowerment. We believe in relationship and communication.


Erika has 12 years of experience working all profiles from the owned to the homeless, puppies to seniors, shy to aggressive. She has helped hundreds of families navigate the process of understanding and communicating with their dogs. She holds multiple certifications, is a member of multiple professional training associations and committed to continuing education. You are assured to be exposed to the most current training methods available.



FASTEST METHOD OF CONTACT: Filling out the New Client Profile will allow us to review your situation and contact you typically within 24 - 48 hours.






OTHER METHODS: You can use the general form below, send an email directly, or shoot us a text. Our typical response time for these options is 72 hours.

ROLL THE DICE: You can choose to leave a voice mail but to be honest, it's not our favorite form of communication. We check messages as often as we rotate our tires. 

Note:  There is no activity on Sundays (unless you are an existing client with a 911).

Snail mail: 211 Waseca Ave. Barrington, RI 02806


Call or text: 401-889-DOGS (3647)

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