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Finding the calm for your storm.


Dogs have a unique capacity for emotion. Unfortunately, they do not have the spoken word to rely on when trying to communicate their fears and suspicions. Sometimes they experience the world much differently than we expect. These perceptions can trigger new, and for most, unexpected behaviors. Keeping in mind that finding relief from a perceived threat is the underpinning of most aggressive and reactive displays, Cooperation Canine addresses both the underlying emotion and learned components of the unwanted behavior.

There are many variables to consider when assessing your dog. In addition to identifying the primary function of the problem behavior, we will work to identify deficits or excess that may be impacting the emotional and behavioral health of your dog and identify activate strategies to help.



• Environmental Enrichment / Management

• Exercise / Physical Activity  


• Cognitive opportunity 

• Access to Reinforcement


• What is controlling the behavior

• What the function of the behavior is

• What is maintaining the behavior

• Prognosis for behavior change

A dog that is punished or treated negatively for simply showing us how he/she is feeling, regardless of how that looks, will continue to get worse until the desired result is achieved. This is typically relief from the stressor. Unwanted behavior can be modified and managed by helping the dog tolerate high-risk situations better and teaching alternate, acceptable replacement behaviors that yield the same result - again, that is relief. Aggression can not be “cured.” Any trainer who suggested using methods involving fear, pain, or dominance to “fix” your dog should be avoided. Please visit the RESOURCES section read more about aversive training. 


Consults are required for:

  • FAS - Dogs struggling with acute or chronic maladaptive levels of fear, anxiety, or stress. This can manifest in many behaviors that look like "high energy," excitability, or other behaviors considered undesirable like excessive barking, jumping, and/or chewing.

  • Dog-directed and Human-directed Aggression - Defined as any threatening, agonistic, or undesirable behavior, with or without damage resulting.

PLEASE NOTE: If your dog has a history of biting with damage resulting and you would like to better understand aggression in addition to how to work with your dog, you may be interested in THE BITE BUNDLE.

  • Leash Reactivity - Addressing leash frustration and/or aggression can allow for safer and calmer walks. It is highly likely that the intensity of your dog's reaction can be reduced with positive reinforcement.

  • Resource Guarding - This is a natural behavior for many dogs. When it is directed at humans or intense enough to result in aggression with or without damage, help is required.

  • Complex Behaviors Issues - Considered a specialty, the evaluation will allow us to assess all impacts on your dog's behavior and arrive at a plan to both confirm and work through difficult-to-identify issues. If your dog is struggling, has had multiple previous trainers, or seems to be troubled by most things in their environment, this process will allow us to unravel the issues.


The Complete (Certified) Consult 

This is an evaluative consultation to collect a behavior history and an in-depth discussion of the issues, prognosis, and how best to move forward. This includes a Zoom recording if virtual, a written summary, and the next steps for you and your dog. The average length for this session is 90 minutes. Additional handouts will be provided. 

Cost for In-Home Complete Consult with IBP: $495. 

Cost for In-Clinic Complete Consult with IBP: $395.

Cost for Virtual Complete Consult with ZOOM Recording: $295.

Follow-up Work Sessions 
After the initial consult is complete, the work sessions can begin. Number of sessions range for work focused on behavior modification cases, including but not limited to fear, aggression, resource guarding, reactivity, separation anxiety, and other behaviors with negative emotional reactions.  

Cost for In-Clinic or Virtual Follow-Up Work Session: $165. per hour (includes notes)

Cost for In-Home Follow-Up Work Session: $195. per hour (includes notes)

Packages of Work Sessions

Packages are price protected. If we go a little over our time, you will not be charged the hourly rate. Packages must be booked within 6 months of purchase and are only valid for your chosen format (in-clinic/virtual or in-home) unless otherwise discussed.

Package of 3 In-Clinic/Virtual Work Sessions: $475.

Package of 3 In-Home Work Sessions: $565.

In-Home Visits / Travel Fees

Must be within a 30-minute travel window of your coach to qualify for in-home work. The Clinic is available to all and if you are more than 30 minutes from us, we will pay you a Reverse Travel Fee of $20 to help with the drive. 


Of course, there are no​ travel fee for virtuals! : ) 


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