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Veterinarian with Dog



When you have limited time for veterinary appointments, it can be a challenge to address client questions about patients with behavior issues. Clients may inquire about issues ranging from benign to dangerous and may be curious about medication. 

With our Behavior Support Service, we spend 90 minutes with your patience in order to complete a behavioral history and functional analysis of the dog's behavior. This also includes an outline of a behavior modification and training plan to help the dog's guardian get a full picture of work needed to help make progress.

A written plan is delivered to your practice and the owner providing all the necessary detail for a productive conversation about medication or other supplemental support. In some cases the best possibility of behavioral improvement comes when behavior mod and medication are combined. Cooperation Canine can guide guardians through the implementation of the individualized plan, setting everyone up for the best possible chance of success.

For additional information about partnering with Cooperation Canine for behavior support, please fill out the form below and we can schedule a time to discuss the details.

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