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Specially designed for dogs with damaging bite histories - or owners that would like to prevent them.

"My dog is just so sweet 95% of the time. I really don't understand. It's like he's fine until he's not. The bite was pretty bad. We just don't understand what is happening."


Aggression is a natural and complex behavior. When observed in our pet dogs and results in a bite, it can be confusing, disorienting, stressful, and anxiety-provoking. There can also be other financial and legal implications. The first step in treating a struggling dog is education. This bundle of services combines learning modules, behavior modification, skills training, and private one-on-one coaching - everything you need to both understand and help modify your dog's behavior. It's like a private webinar designed specifically for owners who need to know more than how to train.  

The entire process can be done in-person, virtually, or in a combination of the two formats. Here is the framework of the program:

SESSION ONE - The Complete Consult - Typically done virtually, it's a history-taking and functional assessment interview session covering the items below. You will also come away with active management strategies to help your dog and activities to help with enrichment and decompression - a great first step toward healing. 

• What are the conditions that make the behavior most likely to occur?

• What does the behavior look like?

• What is the function of the observed behavior?

• What is acting as the reinforcer?

• Environmental Management Recommendations

• Exercise / Physical Activity Needs  


• Cognitive Opportunities

• General Levels of Reinforcement 

SESSION TWO - The Learning Session - This is your own private webinar. We will walk through canine body language, understanding emotion, specific factors impacting your dog, behavior thresholds, behavior modification, training, and tools - including muzzles, harnesses, leashes, and feeding methods. This session will also include the next steps in the behavior plan so we can keep you and your dog moving forward.

THE WORK - Six private, one-on-one sessions to coach you and your dog through all of the skills, behavior modification, and management strategies necessary to help you and your dog move through life with more tolerance and confidence. We will cover the mechanics of training skills, set-ups for practice between sessions, and continuing on with muzzle conditioning (or counterconditioning if your dog has some less than stellar past experiences). 

CHECK-INS - Three 30-minute check-ins per month for three months are available to you after our main work sessions have concluded. 

ADDITIONAL DELIVERABLES - Each dog gets a behavior folder hosted on our Google Drive. All Zoom calls are recorded and posted in their folders. The written behavior plan and all work session summaries and notes are delivered via email. Handouts will be available on our website in the Members Only section. 


The Complete Consult 

  • (1) 90 - minute session for history taking, functional assessment, and prognosis* 

The Learning Session

  • (1) 60 - minute mini-workshop on aggression and everything you need to know 

Work Sessions

  • (6) 1-hour sessions to work on the skills, behavior modification, and setups for homework, scheduled every other week for 12 weeks


  • (9) total - 3 per month for 3 months for check-ins to be sure we are continuing to progress or we have identified your dog's behavior plateau


Total cost - $2995


Additional Work Sessions 
If The Bite Bundle has moved the needle forward but your dog is capable of more progress, we can schedule additional work sessions.

Cost for Additional Work Session: $175. per hour (includes notes)

Travel Fee

If you are outside of a 45-minute travel window, there may be an additional charge for travel.
No travel fee for virtuals.


*It is very possible that we are able to make it through many milestones in this format. Some dogs will move at different speeds. Some, like young adolescent dogs, may have new behaviors unfold during our work. This plan does not guarantee resolution for all aggression cases. 


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