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On occasion we end up with cases that either feel overwhelming or something just isn't adding up. There may also be times when we feel way in over our heads or we have to navigate difficult conversations with the human part of the behavior equation. These are times when a little help, a different perspective, and tapping into someone else's experiences can make a difference. 

There are three types of engagements for dog pros who would like to work through the sticky parts of their cases or client relationships. All services are designed for any dog professional looking for some guidance. 

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"Sometimes a case will prove trickier or more complicated than originally thought, and then what do you do? Turn to Erika! Every time I feel stuck, or unsure, I can reach out to Erika for expert advice that really makes a difference. She's now helped me on multiple cases, and her support has been worth its weight in gold. I highly recommend working with her."

Melissa Kroll, Bad Dog Basics


CASE REVIEWS - This is a one-on-one with the trainer or consultant and happens in the background of the client-facing work. To prep for our time together, please:

  • Provide materials (reports, notes, plans, assignments, trackers, videos, etc.) at least 3 days prior to review date

  • Virtual format using Zoom 

  • Recommendations will be provided directly to trainer / consultant and recorded

  • Recording is provided

  • Follow up sessions are available if needed


  • (1) 90-minute case review - $175 - Best choice for complex cases with a long histories

  • (1) 45-minute case review - $95 - Good for cases generally going well but have a few sticky places.

  • 30-minute Follow Up - $75 - Helpful to review progress and address additional questions

COACHING - Content for coaching sessions is open ended and directed by the trainer / consultant. This can be a discussion about a current case, strategies to communicate with clients, training or behavior concepts, questions about how to get from trainer to behavior consultant, or maybe just a good old fashion brain picking. 

  • If there is anything to be reviewed (reports, notes, plans, assignments, trackers, videos, etc.) please provide material at least 3 days before our session. 

  • Virtual format using Zoom

  • Recording is provided (If in person, trainer / consultant is responsible for notes. Recording the session is totally cool.) 

  • Follow up sessions are available if needed


  • (6) 60-minute coaching sessions - $575 - Multiple topics, big and small

  • (3) 60-minute coaching sessions - $350 - Big topic with lots to unpack

  • (1) 60-minute coaching session - $125 - Single topic with a defined scope

COLLABORATION - This is so fun - It's like a ride-along. This is client-facing work where I accompany you, virtually or in person. This can be incredibly helpful when embarking on case that feels complicated or jumpstarting a case that seems to have stalled out. The goal is for us to work together directly with the client, maintaining your lead relationship, and having some additional support around the behavior plan moving forward. This is an amazing way to gain b/mod experience without giving up your case. The relationship can be a start-to-finish or for a single part of the case.

  • Provide any pre-existing materials (reports, notes, plans, assignments, trackers, videos, etc.) at least 3 days prior to our meeting with your client

  • Virtually or in-person 

  • History taking, follow up questions, and recommendations will be discussed in the session

  • I maintain a supporting role while working through the b/mod. (All feedback will be given to you directly.)

  • I will not have any direct contact with the client outside of your sessions unless instructed.

  • If virtual, recording is provided; If in-person, notes will be provided to the trainer / consultant

  • Follow up sessions are available if needed


  • (1) 90-minute virtual session with client - $195 - Recording provided

  • (1) 90-minute in-person session with client - $295 - Notes and recommendations provided

  • (1) 60-minute virtual work session with client - $125 - Recording provided

  • (1) 60-minute in-person session with client - $150 - Notes and recommendations provided

  • 30-minute follow up with trainer / consultant only - $75 

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