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If you are looking for preparation guidance to ready yourself for bringing home a new friend, transition support, or "the honeymoon is over" help, you are in the right place. Considering to adopt or rescue a dog can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. Contact us first and you can get help preparing for arrival, and what to prepare for. Already brought your dog home? Great, let's get the ball rolling with some relationship and trust building. I am guessing some of you are on the outside of that 30-day honeymoon window and feeling like the roof may blow off the dog house. I would be happy to help evaluate your situation and help with next steps. All rates apply to dogs on their way up to 90 days in their new home. 


My dog is on the way! Prep Session
This session is designed to help prepare your home, and your family for what to expect when you dog arrives. Many people think that going from being homeless to a family with a lovely yard, 2 walks a day, and all the attention that anyone could ask for would naturally make for some joyful moments. Not always. In the dog's mind, it just another change, another adjustment, another bridge into the unknown.
The only way to help a dog feel safe is by creating safe experiences.

Cost: $225.

  • Single session includes Zoom recording if virtual, summary, and appropriate handouts

  • Session length is approximately 1.5 hours long


My dog is here! Evaluation and 2 Follow-Up Visits 
You came home to Boomer, a newly adopted resident dog living with
you for only a few weeks, growling at your husband. "He's been fine," is all you can think of. I will come in and take a look at the past few weeks, collect any info that may exist from the rescue or shelter, meet the new kid and help you figure out what is going on. Then we can schedule a couple of follow-up sessions to address the issue.

Cost: $425. 

  • Session 1 is 1.5 hours and includes a written summary

  • 2 additional follow up sessions approximately 1 to 1.25 hours each

  • Notes, homework, and handouts for the 2 follow up sessions

  • Unlimited email support over the course of the engagement

Oh my, what is happening? Evaluation and 4 Follow-Up Visits 
Are things starting to happen to Fido that seem to be coming out of no where? The issues are a bit more than you were anticipating and you just can't seem to figure why or what to do? For you, returning the dog is not an option. Or maybe it is but you want to try everything you can first. Let's evaluate the dog and roll up our sleeves. 

Cost:  $625. 

  • Session 1 is 1.5 hours and includes Zoom recording if virtual, summary, and appropriate handouts

  • 4 additional follow up sessions approximately 1 to 1.25 hours each

  • Notes, homework, and handouts

  • Unlimited email support over the course of the engagement

Please not: Not all issues that we uncover in the evaluation can be resolved in 2 - 4 sessions. This will be discussed in the initial meeting. If you choose a package with work sessions and you opt not to keep the dog, you will be charged for the evaluation only. 

Evaluation of Newly Adopted Dog

Not sure if you made the right choice, you may need some fresh, professional eyes on your situation to be sure you are going to be able to provide what your rescue needs. I truly understand that things happen, behaviors go unobserved, you may not get the dog you thought you were getting. I work with adopters and rescues to simply assess and provide a written evaluation around what the dog needs and recommendations about how to move forward. 

Cost:  $225. 

  • Single session approximately 1.5 hours long and includes the Zoom recording if virtual, written summary of the assessment with all options for the family and the dog. 

Please not: This is not a complete IBP. This is an assessment of the situation to determine next steps. 

Travel Fee

If you are outside of a 45-minute travel window, there may be an additional charge for travel.
No travel fee for virtuals! : ) 

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