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We could not be more excited about creating this space for our clients.

Likely the biggest Cooperation Canine milestone to date, we are so pleased to announce the opening of our physical space.


  • The Clinic is located in the bayside town of Barrington, RI, and is adjacent to the East Bay Bike Path.

  • There are two 20 x 30' consult rooms with separate entrances set up like actual living rooms to provide you and your dog with as much comfort as possible. 

  • Each consult room has its own 75” screen to review any video that will help our process. These will also be used for our Virtual Consults or to allow any part of your dog’s family who wants to participate but can’t make it to The Clinic. 

  • There is also a Cooperative Care space set up as a veterinary exam room with a waiting area so that we can help dogs with any part of the process they fear. We can even teach tolerant dogs how to participate in their appointments by exposing them to equipment, handling, and even walking onto a scale.

  • We will have a 50 x 75’ fully fenced yard that will be the home of a sensory garden and outdoor enrichment elements. All plants will be dog-friendly, sniffable, and even edible. There will be a dig box, things to walk over, under, and climb. We are also planning to install a small event pool. 

  • Working on being as environmentally conscious as we can, we are going to use all technologies necessary to conduct business paperlessly.


Blue Skies



The Clinic will allow us to:


  • Keep dogs comfortable with a low-stress environment that is all private, all the time.


  • Provide owners with a location to spend quality time learning with their dogs, freeing them from the worry of a busy house or lack of space. 


  • Allow any person with a dog who does not thrive in a group class setting to receive professional, certified, one-on-one coaching.  


  • Expand our ability to help by increasing available appointments and decreasing wait times.


  • Host community learning events on such topics as aggression, resource guarding, and answering questions like, “How does my dog know what time it is?”


  • Offer human-centric support groups organized to connect people living with behaviorally challenged pet dogs moderated by a licensed social worker.

We are open and 

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