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1. REGISTRATION: Your appointment has been scheduled with your participating veterinary clinic. If it hasn't please contact their office for an appointment time before completing this form. This form is to capture some additional information specifically for Cooperation Canine and to prepare for our time together. 

2. SERVICES PROVIDED: Participation includes a 90-minute Complete Consult for you and your dog. Your practitioner will be Erika Lessa, a certified dog behavior technologist, consultant, and trainer. You will receive a recording of your session and a written behavior summary with recommendations. A copy will be provided to your vet for review. 

Note: Not all dogs will be able to be present for the consult. We will discuss that with you prior to your appointment.




3. PAYMENT: Payment will be collected by your veterinarian's practice. Your consult may be covered by insurance if your policy includes behavior benefits. Please consult your insurer. 

4. PREPARING FOR THE SESSION: If your dog will be present for the session, all requirements of the veterinary practice must be followed. The dog should be leashed for entrances and exits and may be required to remain on leash for the consult. We ask that you refrain from the use of prong/pinch, choke, shock/stim, or unlimited slip leads. If there are special circumstances, please contact us (Cooperation Canine) to discuss. 

4. WHO SHOULD ATTEND: There should be no more than 2 adults in addition to the dog (if appropriate to attend). We understand that children may be a big part of your dog's life. For this consult, due to the length and depth, it will be limited to adults only.

5. UNEXPECTED BEHAVIOR: If your dog attends the session and is struggling, i.e., showing signs of distress, fear, anxiety with or without aggressive displays, we may request one of the following options. 1) Place the dog in the car if appropriate. 2) Conclude the in-person format and finish virtually. 3) Reschedule your appointment. 


6. CANCELLATION POLICY: You may cancel your appointment within 48 hours of the session's time for a full refund or a chance to reschedule. Cancellations exceeding the 48-hour window will be offered an opportunity to reschedule only. Refunds will not be available for "no shows" and rescheduling will be at the full session fee. 

7. LIABILITY: This class involves working with animals. Owner agrees to indemnify and hold Cooperation Canine, instructors, employees, and/or assistants harmless from all liability for any loss, damage or injury to persons, animals or property arising from or related to Owner’s pet before, during, or after classes. Owner agrees that all instructors, employees, and/or assistants shall not be liable for loss or damage to animal for any reason. Please agree to the terms of service at the bottom of the form. 


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