Weeeeee're baaaaaaaack.

Happy New Year, Friends. We have been on a little social media break and using it to do some personal and professional development. We are bright-eyed and bushy tailed and ready to share some highlights of what our team has been up to in the past 5 months.

Our mission statement: To help the human world gain a deeper understanding of their canine companions through education. We want to shine a light on the human/animal bond and how that impacts canine behavior. Dogs have an abundant capacity for emotion. Understanding the role of emotion breeds empathy and that is empowering for humans.

The one thing I hear from almost everyone I have the privilege of working with is some version of not knowing. Either they didn't know the dog was feeling badly, they had no idea that their reactions were impacting their pet, or they simply had no ability to read the dog correctly. Dogs speak a physical language and though we are good at talking to them, we don't often stop to listen, a.k.a. observe. Once we begin to be present in our dog's experiences and observe the world from their perspective, interactions with them will become richer and more productive.

Growth: We have taken a big step fulfilling this mission with the expansion of our virtual services. In the last 5 months we have expanded our reach coast to coast with our Remote Complete Consult and follow-up Virtual Visits. It has been amazingly satisfying to be helping so many dogs without the restriction of a physical service territory.